Health Care and Long-Term Services and Support

Adults of all ages with disabilities face challenges with health care, personal assistance, and community services needed to live independent and fulfilling lives. We've completed evaluations of interventions that address fragmentation in service delivery, including the Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly, Social Health Maintenance Organizations, Community Partnerships for Older Adults Program, Medicare Coordinated Care Demonstration, and Medicare Disease Management Demonstration, as well as an evaluation of Money Follows the Person, in which state Medicaid agencies help enrollees transition from institutional facilities to the community.
Our Featured Work
  • woman in a wheelchair using a chair lift
    Research and Evaluation of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Demonstration Grants

    The Money Follows the Person Demonstration is a federal initiative to help states reduce their reliance on institutional care for people needing long-term care, and expand options for elderly people and individuals with disabilities to receive care in the community.

  • worker wearing hard hat in wheelchair
    Medicaid Buy-In Program

    The Medicaid Buy-In program allows adults with disabilities to earn more than would otherwise be possible and still have Medicaid coverage. In return, participants “buy into” the Medicaid program, typically by paying premiums based on income. To assist CMS in monitoring the program, Mathematica has developed...

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