Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer

Principal Program Analyst
  • Analysis of Administrative Claims Data for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Payment Policy
  • Data and Survey Analysis
  • Imputation and Interpretation of Complex Administrative Data
  • Production and Documentation of Public Use Files
  • Data Quality
Focus Areas
  • Health
  • Medicaid and CHIP
  • Medicare
About Ellen

Ellen Singer specializes in data management and analysis, is an expert in using administrative data for research and analysis, and has expertise in Medicare payment policy and reform.

Singer is experienced with Medicare and Medicaid data (including the Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System, or T-MSIS, the new version of Medicaid administrative data); state-level All-Payer Claims Databases; and many other federal- and state-level surveys and administrative data sets related to health services research. Her work spans more than 20 years of analytic and programming support projects in health. She is a recognized expert on all aspects of data and survey analysis, from collecting and cleaning survey data to imputing and interpreting complex administrative data (such as Medicare claims) and complex surveys. Singer is experienced in assessing data quality issues and producing and documenting public-use files. She is also known for her in-depth quality assurance reviews, which ensure that projects produce highly accurate and consistent results.

Before joining Mathematica in 2008, Singer consulted for the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, and Defense, as well as state and local agencies and nonprofit foundations. She has an M.A. in Systems Analysis for Public Decision Making from Johns Hopkins University.

Key Projects