Companion Document for the Strategic Data Project and Education Pioneers Year 2 Report: Changing Education Agencies from the Inside Out

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
Oct 29, 2014
Kristin Hallgren and Alyson Burnett

Each profile contains the following information:  

  • Background and context for data use. A summary of the agency’s background in and context for data use, including data systems, staff expertise and development, and partnerships and resources
  • Working with SDP/EP fellows. A description of the fellows’ agency-specific data projects 
  • Data analysis and reporting. A summary of the agency’s data analysis and reporting efforts for the 2013–14 school year
  • Challenges encountered and lessons learned. A review of difficulties and lessons learned during the agency’s partnership with SDP or EP 

Each profile also includes an organizational chart that displays the path from each fellow’s positioning within the organization to the agency leadership. Key findings across the 12 sites can be found in the project report.  

Each profile summarizes one agency’s experience with using data and working with Strategic Data Project (SDP) and Education Pioneers (EP) fellows. Mathematica Policy Research developed the 12 profiles using data collected during site visit interviews in fall and winter 2013–14. The interviews focused on the data collection efforts of the study participants, which included state education agencies, school districts, and a charter management organization (CMO); their use of the data; their analyses; and their reporting efforts. We provide background on the SDP and EP fellowship programs and the study’s purpose and methodology in “Changing Education Agencies from the Inside Out: Year 2 Report on the Strategic Data Project and Education Pioneers.” 


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