Enterprise Risk Management—Charting a New Path for Program Integrity

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica
Aug 14, 2019
Clint Eisenhower
  • Increase cost avoidance and recoveries to have more money for services
  • Streamline processes to benefit consumers and providers
  • Innovate services to achieve better outcomes
  • Keep bad actors out proactively to reduce the risk of patient harm

Risk ManagementMathematica can help you chart a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy to more effectively provide timely, responsive, and quality Medicaid services while reducing or slowing program costs. We do this by leveraging three core competencies: 1) Understanding and assessing your policies, program, and processes; 2) Helping you develop and use high quality data; and 3) Helping you select the right technology solutions to achieve your program integrity goals.