How the DC Council can Help Shape the Future of Education Data

Testimony to the DC Council
Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Jul 13, 2018
Steven Glazerman
In his testimony to the DC Council, Steve Glazerman advises councilmembers on the importance of building data infrastructure and focusing on data governance. Glazerman was asked by the Committee of the Whole to provide the DC Council with recommendations on bill B22-0776, which establishes the District of Columbia Education Research Advisory Board and the District of Columbia Education Research Collaborative. Among other things, it requires the collaborative to audit district school data and data collection policies and conduct long-term education research. The board’s responsibilities are to provide guidance to the collaborative, to report to the DC Council on district data management and collection policies, and help solicit funding grants from individuals, foundations, granting institutions, and other entities to finance the work of the collaborative.