Impacts of Actually Connecting to the Electric Grid in Tanzania (In Focus Brief)

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Mar 29, 2017
Ali Protik, Duncan Chaplin, Arif Mamun, John Schurrer, Divya Vohra, and Kristine Bos

Actually connecting led to:

  • Increased use of electricity and electric appliances, including lights.
  • No clear impacts on use of liquid or solid fuels.
  • Increased studying at night by children (12 minutes per day) and TV watching (73 minutes).
  • Large positive impacts on various measures of economic well-being.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s energy-sector project was designed to promote economic growth and curb poverty in Tanzania. Mathematica conducted an evaluation of two project components: impacts of building new lines to the electricity grid and outcomes from offering low-cost-connections to households in a subset of communities. This brief summarizes the impacts of actually connecting to the electric grid in Tanzania.


Tanzania Energy-Sector Impact Evaluation


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