Lessons from LAC Reads: Leer Juntos, Aprender Juntos in Peru and Guatemala

Lessons from LAC Reads: Leer Juntos, Aprender Juntos in Peru and Guatemala

Published: Feb 25, 2021
Publisher: USAID
Associated Project

Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Reading and Education Evaluation Services

Time frame: 2012-2021

Prepared for:

U.S. Agency for International Development



The Leer Juntos, Aprender Juntos program adapted Save the Children’s Literacy Boost approach to improve early grade reading by incorporating instruction in the mother tongue while adjusting to the linguistic background of teachers and students. Previously implemented in 14 countries, Literacy Boost had shown promise of effectiveness. em>Leer Juntos, Aprender Juntos was implemented by Save the Children in communities with linguistically diverse and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in the Quechua-speaking region of Apurímac in Peru and the K’iche’-speaking region of Guatemala.

The evaluation focused on the impact of two specific intervention components:

In-school teacher training and coaching, which included:

  • Training teachers in mother tongue or Spanish reading instruction techniques and the five core skills of reading.
  • Training teachers in the use of formative assessments to monitor students’ progress and mastery of alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
  • Mentoring and coaching teachers.
  • Reading materials in mother tongue and Spanish.

Community action, which included:

  • Reading camps, reading festivals, reading contests, and varied reading activities led by community volunteers.
  • Peer-assisted reading time with reading buddies.
  • Parent and community workshops to encourage the creation of more opportunities for children to practice reading outside of school.

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