Measuring Medical Homeness Using the Medical Home Attributes Scale (MHAS)

Publisher: Health and Primary Care, vol. 1, no. 3
Sep 27, 2017
Michael T. Halpern, Kevin W. Smith, Nancy McCall, Yiyan Liu, and Suzanne G. Wensky
To assess psychometric properties of a recently-designed medical-homeness instrument, the Medical Home Attributes Scale (MHAS), we surveyed clinical practices with NCQA recognition as medical homes. Exploratory factor-analyses of the 25 clinician-rated MHAS items from 228 practices revealed four underlying factors: clinical team interactions, record review/documentation, reviewing patient needs, and quality improvement/monitoring. In multivariable regressions, MHAS scores were 8.5 points higher for multispecialty practices vs. primary-care only practices, and were 5.5 points lower for hospital-owned practices vs. other ownerships. The MHAS, a brief measure of medical-homenness of clinician practices, is highly reliable and sensitive to differences in practice specialty and ownership.
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Nancy McCall
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Su Liu
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