Performance Evaluation of the Non-Formal Skills Development Sub-Activity: Interim Results, 2009 to 2010 (Memo)

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
Jun 03, 2013
Larissa Campuzano, Elena Blebea, Randall Blair, Seth Morgan, and Carolyn Chuong
This memorandum presents interim findings regarding the potential effect of FOMILENIO’s Non-Formal Skills Development Sub-Activity on participants’ employment rates and income. In Section A, we describe the Non-Formal Skills Development Sub-Activity and a complementary labor insertion program, Plan de Inserción Laboral y Autoempleo Sostenible (PILAS). In Section B, we describe the design used to evaluate these programs’ potential effects, present the evaluation’s outcome measures and data sources, and describe the study sample. In Section C, we present and discuss changes in program participants’ employment rates and income. In Section D, we summarize PILAS implementation and analyze key changes in outcomes among PILAS participants during the study period. In Section E, we summarize the results and discuss study limitations.

El Salvador: Impact Evaluation of Education, Training, and Productive Development


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