Teacher Turnover and Access to Effective Teachers in the School District of Philadelphia, Study Snapshot

REL 2020-037
Publisher: Regional Educational Laboratory Mid‑Atlantic
Sep 16, 2020
Erin Dillon and Steven Malick

Concerned about the expense of teacher turnover, its disruption to schools and students, and its potential effect on students’ access to effective teachers, the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) partnered with the Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic to better understand students’ access to effective teachers and the factors related to teacher turnover. The district already engages in efforts to address teacher turnover by supporting new teachers, targeting retention strategies to teacher needs, and improving school climate. Findings from this study can inform these efforts by improving SDP’s understanding of the role of turnover in the equitable distribution of effective teachers and by identifying teacher and school characteristics related to turnover.

Senior Staff

Erin Dillon
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Steven Malick
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