The Employment-Related Health Insurance and Service Delivery Needs of Persons with Disabilities

DRC Brief Number 2014-02
Publisher: Washington, DC: Center for Studying Disability Policy
Apr 30, 2014
John Gettens and Alexis D. Henry


To address the unmet need for employment-related health care services among persons with disabilities, an alternative and potentially viable policy solution is the development of a new type of subsidized coverage to ‘wrap-around’ the new ACA coverage or other private and public coverage. Additional information on the employment-related health care needs of persons with disabilities is needed to inform the potential development of wrap-around plans. In this study, we conducted focus groups with employed and potentially employed persons with disabilities in Massachusetts to identify and describe the types of employment support needs these individuals experience and to inform the development of a future research to quantify the employment support needs.



Disability Research Consortium


Social Security Administration

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