The Social Security Administration's Youth Transition Demonstration Projects: Interim Report on the Career Transition Program

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Dec 21, 2012
Thomas Fraker, Peter Baird, Arif Mamun, Michelle Manno, John Martinez, Debbie Reed, and Allison Thompkins
In this report, we present first-year evaluation findings for the Career Transition Program (CTP), which served high school juniors and seniors, and youth who had recently exited school, in Montgomery County, Maryland. While it will take several more years before we fully observe the transitions that the participants in this study make to adult life, early data from the evaluation provide rich information on how CTP operated and the differences it made in key outcomes for youth. Specifically, the report includes findings from our process analysis of CTP, including a description of the program model, and documentation of how the program was implemented and services were delivered. The report also includes impact findings, based on data collected 12 months after youth entered the evaluation, on the use of services, paid employment, educational progress, income from earnings and benefits, and expectations for the future.

Youth Transition Demonstration: Helping Youth with Disabilities Become Employed


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