The Social Security Administration's Youth Transition Demonstration Projects: Interim Report on Transition WORKS

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Feb 22, 2011
Thomas Fraker, Alison Black, Arif Mamun, Michelle Manno, John Martinez, Bonnie O'Day, Meghan O'Toole, Anu Rangarajan, and Debbie Reed
The Social Security Administration is funding a random assignment evaluation of six demonstration projects to improve employment and other outcomes for youth ages 14 to 25 who are either receiving disability benefits or are at high risk of receiving them in the future. This report reviews the Youth Transition Demonstration (YTD) projects, located in Buffalo, New York, including findings from a process analysis on implementation, as well as an analysis of one-year impacts on youth’s use of services, employment and earnings, income and benefits, educational attainment, and attitudes and expectations.

Youth Transition Demonstration: Helping Youth with Disabilities Become Employed


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