The SourceAmerica Pathways to Careers™ Demonstration Pilot in Utah: Interim Evaluation Report, Executive Summary

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Mar 16, 2018
Noelle Denny-Brown, Gina Livermore, Marisa Shenk, and Eric Morris
The SourceAmerica Pathways to Careers™ (Pathways) initiative relies upon state-of-the-art employment strategies to enable people with significant disabilities to have an informed choice of competitive, integrated, full-wage employment options that match their individual skills, interests, and abilities. In this report, we document the activities of the pilot Pathways project in Utah and the experiences of participants from the time this pilot project launched in May 2012 through December 2016, the fourth full year of implementation. During that time, the project enrolled 91 participants. This is the third of four primary reports that will describe the findings of the Pathways evaluation. The evaluation findings presented in this report are based on information collected from the project management information system; participant applications and follow-up surveys conducted 12 and 24 months after intake; and in-person interviews with staff and employers participating in the pilot Pathways project in Utah. We also analyzed project cost information and data on how Pathways staff in the pilot project spend their time across various Pathways and non-Pathways activities.

Evaluation of the Pathways to Careers Program



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