Understanding Fathering: The Early Head Start Study of Fathers of Newborns

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
May 01, 2003
Cheri A. Vogel, Kimberly Boller, Jennifer Faerber, Jacqueline D. Shannon, and Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda
This research examines factors affecting fathers' continuing support of and engagement in relationships with their very young children. It addresses who the fathers are, what level of involvement they have with their children and families, and how this involvement changes over time. Using a sample of men whose children were involved in Early Head Start or other comprehensive community-based programs, the researchers conclude that fathers were present in their children's lives, involved with them in multiple ways, and had nurturing and supportive interactions. Although fathers faced many stressors, including depression, they also had many supports.
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Cheri Vogel
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