Supporting Measurement and Learning for the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity


Project Overview


To help the Collaborative for Reproductive + Gender Equity (CGRE) develop a monitoring, learning, and evaluation (MLE) plan to foster learning in partnership with funders, grantees, and the communities they serve.

Project Motivation

CGRE sought to ensure that data and evidence guided its investments promoting gender equity in the United States. It tasked Mathematica with developing a comprehensive MLE plan that was grounded in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Partners in Progress

  • Learning For Action (LFA)
  • Guttmacher Institute

Prepared For

Center for Gender and Reproductive Equity

To address the growing inequities and sweeping attacks on reproductive autonomy persisting throughout the United States, several donors came together in 2018 to form the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity (CGRE).

With investments under three strategic pillars—movement building, access, and legal/judicial—CGRE aims to (1) build a diverse movement in support of policies and services that enable all people to thrive, with a specific focus on women of color; (2) ensure access to quality, stigma-free reproductive health care; (3) advance gender and reproductive equity through the judicial system.       

To provide a nuanced story of CGRE’s progress, Mathematica proposed a comprehensive monitoring, learning, and evaluation plan that comprised learning questions and grantee and field-level indicators to measure progress. Web-based surveys and in-depth interviews with grantees and bellwethers were proposed to enable CGRE to (1) track the cross-cutting progress of grants CGRE supported, (2) assess the influence and value add of CGRE’s intersectional grant making, and (3) shed light on how CGRE’s funds contributed to shifting inequities in gender and other areas in the United States.

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So O'Neil

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