TA for Impact Evaluation of Social Development Programs in Mexico: Estrategia de Microregiones and Habitat

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Inter-American Development Bank

Mathematica provided technical assistance (TA) to an evaluation sponsored by Mexico's Social Development Ministry: the Microregions Strategy or Estrategia de Microregiones (EM).

For the evaluation of EM, a program that channels government resources to mostly rural areas with high marginalization indices, Mathematica provided the local evaluator with design and other technical assistance (TA).

Mathematica also designed and conducted an impact evaluation of Habitat, another program of the Social Development Ministry aimed at improving basic infrastructure in marginalized urban areas in Mexico. The evaluation used a quasi-experimental design to evaluate the effects of Habitat on infrastructure indicators from the Census data, such as access to electricity, potable water, and sewage systems.

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Anu Rangarajan

Anu Rangarajan

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