MIRROR-TCM: Multisite Replication of a Randomized Controlled Trial - Transitional Care Model

MIRROR-TCM: Multisite Replication of a Randomized Controlled Trial - Transitional Care Model

Published: Jan 01, 2022
Publisher: Contemporary Clinical Trials, vol. 112

Mary D. Naylor

Karen B. Hirschman

Kathleen McCauley

Elizabeth C. Shaid

Alexandra L. Hanlon

Christina R. Whitehouse

Randall Brown

Mark V. Pauly

In the U.S., older adults hospitalized with acute episodes of chronic conditions often are rehospitalized within 30 days of discharge. Numerous studies reveal that poor management of the complex needs of this population remains the norm.


This prospective, intent-to-treat, randomized controlled trial (RCT) will assess the effects of replicating the rigorously studied Transitional Care Model (TCM) in four U.S. healthcare systems. The TCM is an advanced practice registered nurse led, team-based, care management intervention that supports older adults throughout vulnerable care episodes that span hospital to home. This RCT will compare health and economic outcomes demonstrated by at-risk older adults hospitalized with heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pneumonia randomized to receive usual discharge planning (control group, N = 800) to those observed by a similar group of older adults randomized to receive the TCM protocol (N = 800). The primary outcome is number of rehospitalizations at 12 months post-discharge, with secondary resource use outcomes measured at multiple intervals. Patient experience with care, health and quality of life outcomes will be assessed at 90 days post-discharge.


Based on health and economic benefits demonstrated in multiple NIH funded RCTs, the study team hypothesizes that the intervention group, both within and across participating health systems, will have decreased acute care resource use and costs at 12 months and better ratings of the care experience and health and quality of life through 90 days post-discharge compared to the control group. The impact of COVID-19 on implementation of this study also is discussed.

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