Working with Medicare 101 and 201 Webinar Series

Working with Medicare 101 and 201 Webinar Series

Published: Mar 21, 2022
Publisher: Integrated Care Resource Center

Caitlin Murray

Ana Talamas

In this two-part Integrated Care Resource Center webinar series, staff from Mathematica and the Center for Health Care Strategies present on:

  • Who dually eligible individuals are and why coordination of Medicare and Medicaid benefits is important for this population;
  • The benefits that Medicare covers and Medicare coverage options;
  • When Medicaid might be the primary payer for certain benefits covered by both Medicare and Medicaid;
  • The potential benefits of increasing frequency of Medicare Modernization Act and buy-in file exchanges with CMS;
  • Steps that states can take to simplify Medicare and Medicare Savings Program eligibility and enrollment for dually eligible individuals;
  • Ways that states can streamline payment of Medicare cost sharing; and
  • Integrated care models that states can use to coordinate Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

"Medicare 101: An Introduction to Medicare Benefits and the Roles of Medicare and Medicaid in Serving Dually Eligible Individuals" Slides | Recording

"Medicare 201: Actions States Can Take to Improve Quality and Coordination of Care for Dually Eligible Individuals" Slides | Recording

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