Executive Summary

This quarter we focused our campaign and thought leadership around Leading Change with Evidence. We demonstrated our passionate advocacy for evidence, shining a light on how we help our partners gather, analyze, and use evidence to advance equity and enhance well-being.

  • A total of 19 blog posts were published on our site this quarter, and the blog continues to be a primary entry point for users, with nearly 15 percent of users entering the site through a blog post.
  • We continue to highlight the composition and lived experiences of our staff through our My Mathematica series, which continues to lead the way in terms of our most popular posts.
  • In connection with this quarter’s campaign, we produced a podcast on Bayesian methods, which turned out to be the sixth-best episode debut in the show’s history (out of 74 episodes, placing it in the top 10 percent). There were 681 listens within the first two weeks of airing.
  • Mathematica earned a significant amount of media coverage, with 140 mentions in a variety of local, national, and international outlets for the quarter, a 177 percent increase over the previous quarter.
  • In connection with the campaign, we created a feature page promoting our work with Bayesian methods and published a blog about our evidence-based solutions. Our search engine optimization efforts led to rankings on the second page of Google search results for evidence-based solutions and evidence-based decision making.
  • In March, Mathematica participated at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management’s (APPAM’s) 43rd Annual Fall Conference in Austin, Texas. President and CEO Paul Decker moderated the David N. Kershaw Award Lecture, and our experts participated in series of equity-focused panel discussions.


In Q1 of 2022, there were 391,927 page views and 201,910 visits to mathematica.org, compared with 370,769 page views and 186,610 visits in Q1 2021. A 15-month trend of attracting at least 50,000 visits and 95K page views per month continued through March 2022.

Career Opportunities and About Mathematica remained the site’s most popular content pages. A March 2020 blog posting, Education in the Midst of a Pandemic: Four Key Takeaways, also continued to be a top-viewed page on the site, primarily because of its high ranking in Google searches related to its topic.

Page Views


YoY Traffic Change


Quarterly page views

Top viewed pages

Mathematica | Progress Together 67,672
Career Opportunities at Mathematica 38,770
About Mathematica 19,345
Education in the Midst of a Pandemic: Four Key Takeaways 5,512
Contact Mathematica 5,449

New vs Returning Users



635 site visitors signed up to our email list during Q1, up 129 from the previous quarter, a 25.5 percent increase. The total number of subscribers at the end of Q1 was 38,427.

Quarterly Content Campaigns

To advance our mission and elevate evidence in support of the objectives of Mathematica’s 2021–2024 strategy, Communications has expanded our presence and engagement in key ecosystems. We are executing quarterly thematic campaigns that focus on crosscutting, timely, and strategic topics that position Mathematica as a leader on critical and emerging issues and engage evidence communities.

In Q1, the content focus was Leading Change with Evidence. We featured evidence-building solutions and resources that underscore Mathematica’s commitment to getting federal agencies, state and local governments, foundations, and commercial organizations the evidence they need when they need it to drive change for a better future. To achieve this goal, we developed a centralized landing page and amplified thought leadership and related project content via email, policymaker engagement, social media, and search engine optimization.

We compiled a marketing email blast that was sent to all email contacts and summarized all new campaign content toward the end of March. The email had an open rate of 22 percent with a 6 percent click-through rate. We also created a Bayesian Methods feature page and promoted it throughout this campaign. The page received 1,681 page views during the campaign.

Site visits generated by campaign efforts


Additional pages viewed after campaign page



Mathematica’s blog attracted almost 34,208 page views during Q1 2022, up about 7.3 percent from Q4 2021. Visits to the blog accounted for more than 8.7 percent of all website traffic during the quarter. A total of 19 new posts were added during the first quarter.

Site users continued to spend more than twice as much time on individual blog posts (3:09) as the page average for the full website (1:38). In addition, the blog continues to be a primary entry point for users, with 14.7 percent of users entering the site through a blog post.

Posts from our My Mathematica series, which offer readers a look at the people behind our work and the passions that drive it, continue to lead the way in terms of our most popular posts (1,683 page views this quarter). We will build on this momentum with monthly My Mathematica features throughout the remainder of 2022.

Continuing a positive trend from the previous quarter, new posts accounted for the majority of popular blogs in Q1 2022. Specifically, 14 of the top 20 most viewed posts were new. As in previous quarters in the past two years, blogs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and equity were popular, representing about half of the top 20 most viewed posts for the quarter.

Total Views


Average Time on Post


*Note that in 2022 we began using a new dashboard to help us measure engagement with our blog. This may account for differences in page views when compared to previous quarters.


In the first quarter of 2022, On the Evidence featured 6 new episodes with 15 guests. A conversation about using an evidence-informed Bayesian framework to further understanding of which policies work best for whom, featuring Mariel Finucane and John Deke of Mathematica and Timothy Day of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, had the sixth-best episode debut in the show’s history. The episode had 681 listens within the first two weeks of airing, and appeared on a list of recommended podcast episodes on the Goodpods app in February. Transcribed quotes from another episode, on conducting equitable wastewater testing for COVID-19, led to a story in North Carolina Health News that quoted from and linked to the episode.

Total Listens


YoY Listens Change


Top 3 Podcasts


Social Media

This quarter, we launched new software to better measure our social media performance and give us a closer look at the metrics that matter most. We’ve also navigated a social media environment that is understandably focused on the war in Ukraine by modifying our social strategy to remain true to our mission-driven organization and the character of our award-winning social accounts. Some of the quarter’s highlights are as follows:

  • In a Communications partnership with the Health unit, we launched the Primary Care Policy Twitter chat—an extension of the Primary Care Covid chat we hosted in 2020 and 2021—reaching 1.6 million Twitter accounts with our first chat.
  • We cohosted a Twitter Spaces event with APPAM on the power of inclusivity in policy analysis and management, featuring APPAM President John Martinez and Mathematica’s Deric Joyner, So O’Neil, and Samina Sattar.
  • We produced four social media videos spotlighting our work on the American Rescue Plan Dashboard, Bayesian methodology, our APPAM presentation on the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, and our APPAM presentation on the School Climate Index. Together as of this report, these videos have been viewed 2,446 times across social platforms.



YoY Impressions Change


Total Followers


YoY Followers Change


Social Platforms


*Note that we began using a new tool in 2022 that makes it possible for us to capture all our social media engagements, something we couldn’t do last year.

Policymaker Engagement

Total Engagements


YoY change


In support of Mathematica’s emphasis on evidence-based decisions during the first quarter of 2022, a team of experts, including Kate Miller and Candace Miller, met with bipartisan congressional staff of the Select House Committee on the Modernization of Congress in mid-February. The discussion focused on helping to better translate policy research, data, and evidence for policymaker audiences, as well as the American Rescue Plan Act Evidence and Data Dashboard released in partnership with Results for America. Additional meetings also occurred with Senator Patty Murray’s (D-WA) office regarding forthcoming legislation about the Hidden Helpers study. This will be a primary focus of policymaker engagement during 2022 Quarter 2.


Total Events


YoY change


Live Attendees


YoY change


Thought leadership forums included the following:

  • How Former Beneficiaries Fare After Leaving Social Security Disability Insurance (219 attendees)
  • Book Talk—The Black Agenda: Bold Solutions for a Broken System, a conversation with Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman (156 attendees)


Longer-form animated videos comprised much of our Q1 work, including projects for SRAENE (sexual risk awareness), CoreSet (tobacco smoking cessation), and the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) (school breakfast). Following our work on an animated video on school meals programs for FNS in 2020, they asked us to produce this piece for National School Breakfast Week.

Digital reports for the Strengthening the Implementation of Marriage and Relationship Services and the Strengthening Relationship Education and Marriage Services projects are moving into the draft edit phase, with more on-site interviews planned in Q2.

Our Top Videos

Mathematica - Progress Together
Accountable Care Organizations
Why is Literacy so Important?

Total Video Views


YoY Views Change


Media Mentions

During Q1, our work was covered 122 times in a variety of national, local, and trade media, as well as in high-profile blogs. Some articles ran in multiple outlets, boosting the total number of mentions to 140 for the quarter, a 177 percent increase over the previous quarter. Media mentions in Q1 highlighted Mathematica’s work with partners and clients, and, among other topics, included stories about changes to Medicaid, the public health emergency unwinding, the Hidden Helpers initiative, and agricultural development efforts in Africa.

Health: 58
Human Services: 48
International: 11
Cross Cutting: 5
General: 45
General: 45
DEI: 5
General: 11

Journal Publications

For the Managed Care Cast podcast, Lori Timmins and Eugene Rich discussed their study, “Primary Care Redesign and Care Fragmentation Among Medicare Beneficiaries,” published in the March issue of the American Journal of Managed Care.

Anouk Loren co-authored a study in JAMA Health Forum that found a stark discrepancy in readmissions between the dual-eligible population and those covered only by Medicare. Modern Healthcare wrote an article about the study.

Total Publications


By Unit

Health: 15
Human Services: 5
Int: 1

Conference Presentations

From March 27 to March 29, Mathematica participated at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management’s (APPAM’s) rescheduled 43rd Annual Fall Conference in Austin, Texas. President and CEO Paul Decker moderated the David N. Kershaw Award Lecture, entitled “Seeking Energy Justice: Reflections on Research and Professional Impact.” Mathematica’s experts also participated in an Equity and Inclusion Fellowship Luncheon honoring the accomplishments of the 2021 APPAM Equity & Inclusion fellows on Monday, March 28 and a series of equity-focused panel discussions highlighting equity-focused research topics, such as listening to the voices of program participants in employment programs; promising evidence that might address learning loss among the most vulnerable students during the COVID-19 pandemic; and new data measurement approaches in environmental justice research.

From March 14 to March 18, Mathematica’s health experts attended this year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Annual Conference.


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