Survey Design

survey graphic

Our survey design services include:

  • Designing data collections to answer important policy questions while minimizing respondent burden and, when possible, complementing them with administrative and qualitative data
  • Customizing small- to large-scale data collections for:
    • Substantive areas, including disability, early childhood, education, family support, health, international, labor, and nutrition
    • General and targeted populations, including hard-to-reach participants; health care providers; principals, teachers, and students; vulnerable populations; new businesses; and other establishments 
  • Developing and testing survey questions to ensure that respondents fully understand the intent of the questions, particularly youth, the elderly, those for whom English is not a primary language, and those whose disabilities affect communication
  • Designing and implementing probability and nonprobability samples, including complex sample designs, weighting, variance estimation and nonresponse bias analysis and adjustment
  • Creating public use data sets that meet the highest standards for confidentiality
  • Conducting methodological research to improve quality and cost-effectiveness  

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