Mathematica is a trusted learning partner to foundations and grantees, supporting their efforts to transform communities and catalyze social change. Working at the intersection of strategy, evaluation, and practice, we help maximize the impact of foundation investments, ensuring they are evidence-informed and move the needle on complex challenges.


Mathematica offers foundations a full range of learning and evaluation services to strengthen program design and execution across the strategy lifecycle. We help foundations and their grantees to better understand the problems they seek to tackle; develop data-driven solutions and strategies; refine programs based on results and learning; and generate rigorous evidence on effective approaches that can advance the field. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, equity, and a commitment to improving social outcomes. Whether providing strategy insights, using data science and analytics to improve programs, or conducting evaluations, we engage closely with foundations and their partners to ensure our work is tailored to their decision-making and learning needs. We draw on the best available methods, tools, and technology to produce credible data and evidence, and leverage strategic learning and dissemination techniques to support evidence-based action. To amplify lessons learned, and in our role as thought partner, we work with foundations to convene stakeholders and communities of practice around key sector and cross-sectoral issues.

How we help foundations and grantees use evidence to increase their impact

Support Strategy and Program Design
We provide insights and strategic facilitation to help design programs and interventions.
  • Systematic evidence review
  • Landscape assessments
  • Theories of change
  • Learning agendas
  • Predictive agendas
  • Manage grant initiatives
Facilitate Continuous Program Improvement
We support measurement and learning to inform decision-making and refine strategy in real time.
  • MEL frameworks
  • Performance measurement and dashboards
  • Evidence-based TA
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Rapid-cycle evaulation
  • Portfolio reviews
Generate Credible Evidence to Advance Knowledge
We conduct tailored evaluations that help to identify effective solutions.
  • Impact evaluation
  • Strategy/portfolio evaluation
  • Implementation evaluation
  • Systems chance evaluation
  • Advocacy evaluation
  • Case studies
Translate and Disseminate Evidence to Guide Action
We leverage multiple learning and dissemination platforms to facilitate use of data and evidence.
  • Learning workshops
  • Communities of practice
  • Audience-focused products
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Multi-channel communication

We have supported foundations and philanthropic partnerships to address a range of complex issues domestically and internationally—from ensuring quality public education and expanding access to health coverage in the U.S., to reducing health and gender inequalities in Africa and Asia, to facilitating action on global climate change. Our philanthropy partners benefit from the diverse expertise of our 1,200 staff, our deep networks in the U.S. and globally, and our wide-ranging capabilities. Our broad-based capacity enables us to be a flexible and nimble partner, adapting to foundations’ evolving strategy and information needs in real-time to ensure that learning informs decisions and deepens impact.