International Aid Agencies

Mathematica works closely with bilateral and multilateral agencies and governmental departments that provide international development assistance and administer programs to reduce extreme poverty and promote economic stability.

In today’s complex world, program implementers, policymakers, and donors need objective and rigorous research and evidence to inform good policymaking. And to catalyze transformation in the developing world, international development organizations need partners who bring deep sector expertise and a range of services to provide actionable evidence to see clearly and act quickly to maximize the impact of their interventions. Driven by our mission and commitment to quality, we work closely with you to meet your learning and decision making needs using tailored approaches that draw on the best methods, tools, and technology. Our international work spans more than 50 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and we addresses critical issues in health, nutrition, agriculture, food systems, education, and energy, among other sectors. Together with Mathematica, you can make progress through the following:

  • Research and program evaluation. Mathematica is a trusted partner that will design, implement, and rigorously test donor initiatives to surface timely insights about what’s working—or what’s not. We not only look at an initiative’s impact, but we also seek to understand the how and why using methods ranging from rigorous impact evaluations to mixed-methods performance assessments and portfolio-level strategy reviews.
  • Data analytics for decision making. We catalyze data through synthesis and modeling to help you understand what’s happening, why, and where to target your interventions. We use rapid-cycle evaluations and apply principles of behavioral science to refine program designs. Our interactive dashboards and learning syntheses help connect the dots and build a comprehensive story around progress and impact.
  • Leveraging new technologies to open new frontiers in research. Using tools such as remote sensing and geospatial data, we explore opportunities to leverage new data sources and technologies to streamline reporting, avoiding the large costs associated with traditional data collection.
  • Technical assistance and capacity building. We have a long track record of providing technical assistance services to partners to build technical skills and capacity to implement high quality research and learning activities sustainably.
  • Learning partnerships. We prioritize learning by gaining a deep understanding of the local context through partnerships and adapting our approach to align with evolving stakeholder priorities. We work with you to capture learning, translate data into action, and disseminate lessons across multiple platforms.

Partnering with Mathematica gives you access to experts who challenge conventional ways of thinking and work with you to give you the rigorous, objective evidence you need to make strong decisions and bring about real change.