State and Local

Mathematica works closely with state and local leaders in health, Medicaid, human services, and education.

Mathematica’s mission is to improve public well-being, and we share your dedication to helping people by improving public programs. We are a trusted partner who brings the experience and tools to help you use data and evidence to better inform decision making, advance program improvements and enhance service delivery. Progress is best made together. Mathematica helps illuminate the path, improving your potential to make meaningful changes in people’s lives.

You are faced with choices everyday about how to improve your program, but how can you determine the best way to innovate or know whether your changes are having the intended effect? Data can be powerful, but how do you know if you can trust the data? How can you best use data to inform decisions? We understand what you are trying to achieve and the challenges you face. We bring experience and tools to help you use data and evidence to succeed. Let’s progress together.

In Medicaid, Mathematica can

  • Support states in their adoption of value-based payment innovations, especially in the selection and deployment of process and outcome measures to achieve policy and program objectives
  • Provide production reporting systems, leveraging our industry-leading capabilities in data quality, integrity, and next-gen technology to drive the utmost confidence in the data you use to plan, analyze, and deliver services
  • Help states implement and leverage program integrity methods and techniques to improve the provision of Medicaid services, while reducing or slowing program costs

In child welfare, Mathematica can

  • Improve data quality and your use of data to inform decision making, helping you leverage data across systems to identify new insights for improving service delivery
  • Support your use of predictive analytics while ensuring appropriate use and respecting child welfare practice
  • Provide data quality and analytic services and tools that are crafted to the needs of state and local child welfare agencies
  • Help leaders and front line staff get the reliable, informative data and analysis that, combined with practice knowledge, can improve decisions and strengthen families

In TANF, workforce, and other human services areas, Mathematica can

  • Drive innovation and measure progress along the way
  • Serve as your partner for evidence-driven progress
  • Equip you with resources designed by, with, and for practitioners
  • Streamline and improve the efficiency of your business processes to free up staff time, improve clients’ experiences, and help you strategically invest limited resources in the outcomes you desire
  • Work hand-in-hand to provide capacity building to empower your team to learn, innovate, and improve together

In education, Mathematica can

  • Provide tools like the Rapid Cycle Evaluation Coach that help you understand and improve the work you do with individual students
  • Guide decisions on programs, policies, or practices that are best-suited for the students, families, and staff in your schools
  • Partner on evaluation, including planning, documenting, executing, and learning