Tamara Baptiste

Tamara Baptiste

Principal Solution Archietect

Tamara Baptiste’s work focuses on enabling organizations to transform their operations and significantly improve delivery and quality of care through the strategic application of technology, business process re-engineering, and organizational change management techniques.

Since joining Mathematica in 2020, Baptiste has worked on a range of projects in digital health transformation, quality and performance measures and analytics for State Medicaid agencies, and implementing knowledge and data management systems. Currently, she is the deputy project director for the Massachusetts Community Partners Data Analytics Program, which is helping MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid) define and report quality and performance measures for the Community Partners and Accountable Care Organizations that provide care and services. Baptiste also leads the Enterprise Transformation and Data Management offering within the Commercial Health Care Life Sciences Practice. Her focus is on guiding organizations to institute data management and governance practices that enable them to gather, manage and maintain their data to drive informed decision making and providing effective and efficient service to their customers. Past projects include establishing and leading large teams responsible for overhauling and modernizing medical supply chain and logistics and electronic health records; and identifying the requirements and building a business case for a modernized system to enable patients, staff and clinicians to report and adjudicate health ethics issues for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Baptiste also led a team to create a prototype system in response to legislation to proactively identify, detect and track food safety issues for the US Food and Drug Administration.

Baptiste is a certified project management professional (PMP), and is a member of DAMA International, and the OD Network. She holds an M.Eng. in engineering management and systems engineering from Cornell University, and an executive certification in organizational consulting and change leadership from Georgetown University.

  • Data management and governance
  • Enterprise transformation
  • Health IT
  • Strategic planning for change management
Focus Area Topics
  • Health
  • Health Information Technology and Analytics
  • Quality Improvement

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