Learning Partnerships

We provide holistic tailored learning support across the program lifecycle.

Mathematica Global provides cross-cutting support to clients interested in strengthening their organizational learning practices. Through our learning partnerships, we work with clients to define learning agendas, develop evidence frameworks, and provide technical assistance that span an entire portfolio or organization.

Featured Project: A Learning Partnership with the Jacobs Foundation

Mathematica Global is partnering with the Jacobs Foundation to provide learning and evaluation support to the Foundation’s 10-year, 500 million CHF (Swiss Francs) commitment to improve opportunities for children’s development and equitable access to learning.

Learning Priority

As an evidence-driven organization, the Jacobs Foundation makes investments in research and evaluation across the education and early childhood development sectors. As a learning partner, Mathematica Global is strengthening the Foundation’s understanding of how best to generate and use evidence and understand the impact evidence-driven activities have. We are also supporting their “research on research” to improve the Foundation’s approach to its partnership portfolio.

Partnership Approach

Mathematica Global supports a wide range of measurement, evaluation, research, and learning activities with the Jacobs Foundation. We are supporting the development and implementation of an institutional evidence framework that is designed to assess competencies related to evidence generation and use. The Foundation and its partners will be able to apply this framework in several different ways, from evaluating investment opportunities to advancing the culture of evidence use. In addition, we are conducting network analyses to understand the long-term influence the Foundation’s Research Fellows have on the broader research ecosystem. We also provide ad-hoc support to Foundation staff when specific questions arise and to guide ongoing learning and evaluation priorities.


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