Evidence-Informed Strategy Design

We position our clients for success by embedding learning and evidence into their strategies and programs from the start.

Through landscape assessments, predictive analysis, and learning agendas, we ground our clients’ work in available evidence, and through theories of change, MEL frameworks, and indicator development, we ensure clients have the tools they need for ongoing learning and evidence use. Strategy design services may include:

  • Formative and scoping studies
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Predictive analytics
  • Theories of change
  • Evidence reviews
  • Rapid evaluation
  • Agent modeling
  • Landscaping


Featured Project: Scaling Women's Voice and Local Ownership

Mathematica Global is partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to co-design a measurement, learning, and evaluation framework that will generate evidence on the optimization and scaling of the Women’s Voice and Local Ownership (WVLO) initiative. This project will provide evidence-based best practices and context-specific considerations for the wider use of a successful social accountability approach.

Learning Priority

The Gates Foundation is supporting the use and expansion of the WVLO social accountability approach to make healthcare and family planning more responsive to the needs of women. The WVLO focuses on amplifying the voice and perspectives of women when designing and implementing family planning and other health programs, and has shown early success in Pakistan, Senegal, and Ethiopia. Mathematica Global is working with the foundation to develop the requisite evidence needed to scale this work to reach more communities within these countries and globally. Mathematica is developing the initiative’s global research agenda, which will incorporate in-country learning priorities.

Design Approach

Mathematica Global works directly with Foundation staff to identify research questions at both the global and country levels and to then craft related monitoring and evaluation frameworks. With the Foundation and its partners, we are defining indicators, developing strategies for measurement, and supporting the analysis of data.


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