HHS Technology Group and Mathematica Delivering Analytics to Help Americans Self-Assess Personal Risk During Pandemic

HHS Technology Group and Mathematica Delivering Analytics to Help Americans Self-Assess Personal Risk During Pandemic

Advanced analytics will provide personalized risk score, enabling states, companies and individuals to gauge risk associated with engaging in common activities
Jun 21, 2021
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HHS Technology Group, LLC™ (HTG) and Mathematica announced their collaboration on a new health assessment platform that will account for individual health factors to provide a personalized risk score for helping individuals estimate their personal probability of contracting COVID-19 as a result of engaging in common activities, such as attending sporting events and dining in restaurants. The comprehensive digital health tool for smart phones, tablets and personal computers will compute personal health risk beyond a simple red, yellow or green threat. This unique solution will enable individuals to perform a health self-assessment as a means of protecting themselves against COVID-19, as local economies around the country re-open.

The Health Risk Calculator will calculate a personal risk score for users, accounting for health markers based on individuals’ demographics, pre-existing conditions, vaccination status, and health behaviors to enable users to gauge the threat of potentially adverse situations. The risk score will be derived from users’ personal data, in addition to a risk methodology that will synthesize reported COVID-19 geographic case data and rapidly evolving scientific research to help users estimate their potential risk of infection or complications.

The blockchain-based system, developed on Amazon GovCloud Infrastructure, will use the latest in geo-fencing technology to assess geographical risk and provide the most advanced approach to protecting individual privacy.

“Many Americans are resuming the once-common activities they gave up during the pandemic, but face confusion and uncertainty due to sometimes-conflicting health advice and guidelines from various local, regional and federal authorities,” said Brett Furst, President of HTG. “This tool will help empower individuals in assessing their own risk and guiding more informed decisions, as pandemic-related restrictions continue to relax.”

“For many people, ready access to a health assessment tool like this alleviates privacy concerns about sharing sensitive health information,” said Bill Reeves, director of strategic partnerships, Mathematica.

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