Introducing Mathematica Global

Introducing Mathematica Global

Dec 13, 2023
3 women harvesting crops in southeast Asia

Mathematica today announced the introduction of Mathematica Global, the new name for the company’s International Research unit. Mathematica Global cultivates the evidence and insights needed for sustainable progress on the most urgent and universal issues of our time—from global health and education to climate change, energy, and workforce development.

The new Mathematica Global name conveys Mathematica’s mission to improve public well-being and build a more equitable and just world. The new name better reflects the scope of the company’s mission: to advance evidence-based, equitable progress for communities across the globe.

“Mathematica Global helps fulfill our ambition of translating evidence into improved well-being for communities around the world,” said Paul Decker, President and CEO of Mathematica. “This change is a renewed commitment to uncover meaningful insights that help solve the most challenging questions in global development.”

With its subsidiary EDI Global and an extensive network of research partners particularly in African and Asia, Mathematica Global works alongside forward-thinking organizations to identify the most promising approaches to improve the lives of people and communities around the world. Its team of researchers, data scientists, social scientists, and subject-matter experts apply rigorous analysis and strategic insights that guide clients’ path forward. From evidence-driven decision making to adaptive program management, Mathematica Global provides comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning services that give its clients the evidence, tools, and skills they need to create meaningful and lasting impact across countries and sectors.

“Our international work has grown over the last two decades—from a foundation of traditional impact evaluations into learning partnerships that increasingly explore the interconnectedness within and between all sectors of global health and development,” said Jeff Bernson, Mathematica Global’s general manager in a blog post. “As our clients’ global learning needs have evolved, so have we—and our name now reflects our steadfast desire to turn evidence and insight into lasting progress.”