Mathematica's Elizabeth Weigensberg Wins the Louis Brownlow Award

Mar 25, 2019

Beth WeigensbergElizabeth Weigensberg and her coauthors of a recent article in Public Administration Review are this year’s recipients of the Louis Brownlow Award. The Brownlow Award is presented to the authors of the best article by a practitioner or for a practitioner audience for the volume year.

Her article, “State Agencies’ Use of Administrative Data for Improved Practice: Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities,” focuses on interviews with almost 100 staff from human services agencies and examines the realities of administrative data use. The article summarizes the experience of data users to address two main challenges: (1) limited analytic capacity and (2) challenges to linking or sharing data resources. The article concludes by examining a range of approaches that government agencies take to improve data quality and the capacity to analyze those data.






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