NewWave and Mathematica Join Forces to Transform Medicaid Data Quality

NewWave and Mathematica Join Forces to Transform Medicaid Data Quality

The Imersis platform will enable state Medicaid agencies to improve the quality of their T-MSIS data and increase their confidence in analytic results
Jan 06, 2021
Dive Deep, Explore, and Refine Medicaid Data with Imersis, a New T-MSIS Data Quality Tool from Mathematica and NewWave

Today, NewWave and Mathematica launched Imersis, a one-of-a-kind, cloud-based tool for advanced analytics and improved quality of Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) data. NewWave is a leading provider of information technology (IT), government, and industry business solutions, and Mathematica is a national expert in T-MSIS data and an insight partner to public- and private-sector changemakers.

Drawing on decades of experience working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and with Medicaid data, NewWave and Mathematica recognize states are under increasing pressure to improve data quality and comply with federal requirements. To meet this need, NewWave and Mathematica teamed up to create a powerful data quality tool to examine, explore, and refine T-MSIS data.

Imersis is a unique platform that leverages cloud-first architecture to score data files and, within minutes, provide assessments based on T-MSIS Priority Items. It will enable state agencies to build a successful analytics program by tracking historical data, breaking down problem areas with advanced data explorer views, and refining scores, all while ensuring data is timely, accurate, and complete.

“For states to truly improve their Medicaid data quality, they need advanced analytics that clearly show how the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services is evaluating and processing state submissions,” said Greg McGuigan, NewWave executive vice president and former deputy director for the Data Systems Group at CMS. “Imersis puts the power back in the hands of the states. I’m excited for what this means, not only for NewWave and Mathematica but for states’ ability to comply with new regulations and the new way CMS is evaluating health care.”

Imersis is the product of collaboration, combining Mathematica’s deep understanding of state Medicaid operations and T-MSIS data with NewWave’s innovative technical architecture and engineering expertise,” said Mathematica State Medicaid Director Paul Messino. “Imersis is a game changer for states to improve data quality, meet federal requirements, and increase their confidence in the data they use to make programmatic decisions.”

NewWave and Mathematica will host a webinar on January 14, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. ET to commemorate the launch of Imersis. The virtual event will include keynote presentations by executive leaders of NewWave and Mathematica, a demonstration of Imersis, and Q&A with the leading experts behind the Imersis platform. Register for the webinar and learn more about Imersis at 

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