Systematic Evidence Reviews

A critical tool for documenting the evidence base on early childhood interventions is a systematic review. The reviews help states make policy and program decisions on strategies for supporting quality in home- and center-based settings. Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) involved a thorough and transparent review of the research literature and assessment of the evidence of effectiveness on home visiting programs for families with pregnant women and children ages birth to age 5. Our two-year study provided information about strategies with the greatest potential for supporting quality of care. We are also reviewing research and summarizing findings from high-quality, scientifically based research to inform practitioners about the effectiveness of practices and interventions in early education for the What Works Clearinghouse—Early Childhood topic area. And our ASPE-funded review of early childhood education services for infants and toddlers is identifying models and practices with the strongest evidence of effectiveness, as well as those showing promise for which there is not yet sufficiently rigorous evidence (LITES).

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