Meeting the Multifaceted Needs of Expectant and Parenting Young Families Through the Pregnancy Assistance Fund

Publisher: Maternal and Child Health Journal (online ahead of print)
May 08, 2020
Amy Margolis, Tara Rice, Mousumi Banikya-Leaseburg, Ann E. Person, Elizabeth Clary, Susan Zief, Katie Adamek, and Jessica F. Harding

The Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) program funds states and tribes to provide a wide range of services to improve health, social, educational, and economic outcomes for expectant and parenting teens and young adults, their children, and their families. This introductory article to the Maternal and Child Health Journal supplement Supporting Expectant and Parenting Teens: The Pregnancy Assistance Fund provides a description of the PAF program, including the program goals and structure, participants and communities served, and services provided; presents data on the reach and success of the program; and describes lessons learned from PAF grantees on how to enhance programs and services to have the best outcomes for expectant and parenting young families.


Evaluating Selected Programs for Expectant and Parenting Youth


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health

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