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Internal and External Validity of the Comparative Interrupted Time-Series Design: A Meta-Analysis

Jan 04, 2022
Jared Coopersmith, Thomas D. Cook, Jelena Zurovac, Duncan Chaplin, and Lauren V. Forrow

MIRROR-TCM: Multisite Replication of a Randomized Controlled Trial - Transitional Care Model

Jan 01, 2022
Mary D. Naylor, Karen B. Hirschman, Kathleen McCauley, Elizabeth C. Shaid, Alexandra L. Hanlon, Christina R. Whitehouse, Arkadipta Ghosh, Randall Brown, Brianna Sullivan, and Mark V. Pauly

Comprehensiveness: The Need to Resurrect a Sagging Pillar of Primary Care

Jan 01, 2022
Tracey L. Henry, Eugene Rich, and Andrew Bazemore

A Research Agenda for Home-Based Child Care

Dec 30, 2021
Patricia Del Grosso, Juliet Bromer, Toni Porter, Christopher Jones, Ann Li, Sally Atkins-Burnett, and Nikki Aikens

School Instruction in Pennsylvania During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dec 16, 2021
Stephen Lipscomb, Forest Crigler, and Duncan Chaplin

Maternal Health Care Quality Improvement in Rajasthan, India

Dec 16, 2021
So O'Neil, Divya Vohra, Matthew Spitzer, Shveta Kalyanwala, and Dana Rotz

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