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Assessment of Calories Purchased After Calorie Labeling of Prepared Foods in a Large Supermarket Chain

Aug 01, 2022
Joshua Petimar, Anna H. Grummon, Fang Zhang, Steven L. Gortmaker, Alyssa J. Moran, Michele Polacsek, Eric B. Rimm, Christina A. Roberto, Anjali Rao, Lauren P. Cleveland, Denise Simon, Rebecca L. Franckle, Sue Till, Julie Greene, and Jason P. Block

Communication Gaps Persist Between Primary Care and Specialist Physicians

Jul 25, 2022
Lori Timmins, Arkadipta Ghosh, Ann O'Malley, Carol Urato, Eugene Rich, and Lisa M. Kern

Participation in Math Corps Increases College Enrollment

Jul 22, 2022
Barbara Harris and Lindsay Fox

The Effects of Healthy Davis Together: A COVID-19 Response Program

Jul 21, 2022
Aparna Keshaviah, R. Vincent Pohl, Xindi (Cindy) Hu, Alyssa Maccarone, John Hotchkiss, Ian Huff, Hanzhi Zhou, and Divya Vohra

Evaluation of a Text Message–Based COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Program Among Older Patients: Cross-Sectional Study

Jul 18, 2022
Naheed Ahmed, Christian Boxley, Ram Dixit, Seth Krevat, Allan Fong, Raj M. Ratwani, and Deliya Banda Wesley

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