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Implementing Covid-19 Routine Testing in K-12 Schools: Lessons and Recommendations from Pilot Sites

Jul 26, 2021
Divya Vohra, Patricia Rowan, John Hotchkiss, Kenneth Lim, Aimee Lansdale, and So O'Neil

Descriptive Data on Head Start Children and Families from FACES 2019: Fall 2019 Data Tables and Study Design

Jul 16, 2021
Ashley Kopack Klein, Nikki Aikens, Ann Li, Sara Bernstein, Natalie Reid, Myley Dang, Elizabeth Blesson, Sharikah Rakibullah, Myah Scott, Judy Cannon, Jeff Harrington, Addison Larson, Lizabeth Malone, and Louisa Tarullo

Economic Conditions of Head Start Families: Connections with Social Supports and Child and Family Well-Being

Jul 16, 2021
Elizabeth Doran, Nikki Aikens, Lizabeth Malone, Jeff Harrington, and Judy Cannon

Students Attending School Remotely Suffer Socially, Emotionally, and Academically

Jul 13, 2021
Angela L. Duckworth, Tim Kautz, Amy Defnet, Emma Satlof-Bedrick, Sean Talamas, Benjamin Lira, and Laurence Steinberg

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