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Supportive Services at End of Life Can Help Reduce Acute Care Services: Observations from the Medicare Care Choices Model

Nov 16, 2023
Patricia Rowan, Danielle Whicher, Marlena Luhr, Lynn Miescier, Keith Kranker, and Boyd Gilman

Evaluation of the Medicare Care Choices Model: Fifth and Final Annual Evaluation Report

Nov 06, 2023
Keith Kranker, Boyd Gilman, Matthew Niedzwiecki, R. Vincent Pohl, Arnold Chen, Jonathan Gellar, Marlena Luhr, Patricia Rowan, Lauren Forrow, and Danielle Whicher

Medicare Care Choices Model Improved End-Of-Life Care, Lowered Medicare Expenditures, and Increased Hospice Use

Nov 06, 2023
Keith Kranker, Matthew Niedzwiecki, R. Vincent Pohl, Tonya L. Saffer, Arnold Chen, Jonathan Gellar, Lauren Forrow, and Lynn Miescier

Prescription Opioid Dose Reductions and Potential Adverse Events: A Multi-Site Observational Cohort Study in Diverse US Health Systems

Nov 06, 2023
Verena E. Metz, G. Thomas Ray, Vanessa Palzes, Ingrid Binswanger, Andrea Altschuler, Ruchir N. Karmali, Brian K. Ahmedani, Susan E. Andrade, Joseph A. Boscarino, Robin E. Clark, Irina V. Haller, Rulin C. Hechter, Douglas W. Roblin, Katherine Sanchez, Steffani R. Bailey, Dennis McCarty, Kari A. Stephens, Carmen L. Rosa, Andrea L. Rubinstein, and Cynthia I. Campbell

Everyone Counts

Nov 02, 2023
Emma Pottinger, Katie Garland, Johanna Choumert Nkolo, Galina Lapadatova, Gray Collins, Sara Litke-Farzaneh, and So O'Neil

Intraoperative Hypotension in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Nov 01, 2023
Wael Saasouh, Anna Christensen, Desirée Chappell, Josh Lumbley, Brian Woods, Fei Xing, Monty Mythen, and Richard P. Dutton

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