Emily Moiduddin
Human Services

Emily Moiduddin

Senior Director, Business Development

Emily Moiduddin studies programs aimed at promoting positive development for young children and professional development for early educators. Her expertise includes collaborating with many stakeholders—including practitioners, researchers, administrators, and educators—to ensure rigorous study design and successful execution.

Moiduddin is part of the design and analysis team for a multiyear evaluation of five professional development programs funded by First 5 LA, the Los Angeles Early Educators Advance study. This mixed-methods evaluation includes an implementation and an impact study using a matched comparison group design. She also directed the Universal Preschool Child Outcomes Study, a multiyear, multimethod study of Los Angeles Universal Preschool programs funded by First 5 LA. The study has used innovative research methods to provide descriptive information about a culturally and linguistically diverse population and the preschool programs serving them to help produce information to inform ongoing program improvement. She has been part of the Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) team since 2006, where she has led analysis and reporting efforts. For FACES 2014–2018, she led development of surveys for Head Start program and center directors. In addition, she provides technical assistance on evaluation design and data analysis strategies to agencies developing programs to support parents with substance use disorders involved with the child welfare system.

Moiduddin, who presents her work at professional conferences sponsored by the American Evaluation Association, Society for Research in Child Development, and other groups, holds a Ph.D. in public affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She previously held various research positions at Princeton University, Voices for Illinois Children, the University of Chicago, and New York University.

  • Early childhood education evaluations
  • Survey development
  • Descriptive analysis and reporting
  • Evaluation design
Focus Area Topics
  • Quality Improvement
  • Early Childhood
  • Child Development
  • Early Childhood Systems
  • Professional Development
  • Quality Measurement
  • Human Services

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