Patrick McGowan

Patrick McGowan

Senior Researcher
Name Pronunciation pah-trik muh-GAH-wuhn
Pronouns he/him/his

Patrick McGowan’s work focuses on Medicaid programs and policies, particularly those designed for beneficiaries enrolled in Medicaid managed care.

Since joining Mathematica in 2022, McGowan has worked on a range of projects in quality measurement, managed care oversight, and 1115 demonstration evaluations. Currently, he is the task lead for a team creating a toolkit for state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) agencies that want to use secret-shopper studies to evaluate beneficiaries’ access to care. He also leads a learning and diffusion task that highlights a variety of initiatives associated with the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services Core Sets of measures; this task primarily involves monthly webinars and an annual quality conference.

McGowan comes from a long line of public service employees, including his mother, a kindergarten teacher, and his grandfather, the foreman for the largest Irish ironworkers union in St. Louis, Missouri. These role models inspired McGowan to focus his career on supporting public programs, such as Medicaid, designed to improve public well-being. Before joining Mathematica, McGowan worked for New Hampshire’s Medicaid program for 18 years, holding roles in policy, finance, contracting, managed care oversight, and quality improvement. He is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and has a master’s of science in public management from Springfield College of Human Services.

  • Quality rating and improvement systems
  • Program evaluation
  • Health plan oversight
  • Qualitative data
  • Managed care
Focus Area Topics
  • Health
  • Medicaid and CHIP
  • Quality Improvement
  • State Health Policy
  • Delivery System Reforms

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