Shannon Monahan
Human Services

Shannon Monahan

Principal Researcher, Survey Research / Data Collection

Shannon Monahan has expertise in developing early childhood assessments and observational measures, evaluating programs that serve young children and their parents, supporting the early childhood workforce, and formulating evidence-based practices for educators.

Monahan was the survey director for a measures development project, the Quality of Caregiver–Child Interactions for Infants and Toddlers (Q-CCIIT, now known as the QCIT), and co-developed a measure of caregiver–child interactions for infants and toddlers. She also is the co-project director for a project creating and evaluating research-based professional development resources that align with the QCIT observational measure called the We Grow Together professional development system. Monahan also directed a project that created a conceptual framework of early childhood teachers’ use of child assessment to individualize instruction and developed a measure to examine this process. All of these projects were funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF).

Monahan is working with colleagues at Mathematica to make the QCIT measure and observer training available to the public through QCIT Forward.

In the education sector, Monahan was the topical products lead for the Institute of Education Sciences’ What Works Clearinghouse (WWC). She oversaw the development of a variety of products intended to provide useful information in appealing formats to educators, policymakers, and researchers. She was also principal investigator for an evidence review of infant and toddler early education services for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation in partnership with ACF.

Monahan joined Mathematica in 2007. She is a reviewer for the National Research Conference on Early Childhood and Early Childhood Research Quarterly. She holds a Ph.D. in applied psychology and human development from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Evaluations of programs that serve young children and their parents
  • Developing and training in early childhood assessments, measures, and tools
  • Evidence-based practices for educators
  • Evaluation design
  • Survey development
Focus Area Topics
  • Early Childhood
  • Child Development
  • Human Services

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