How Mathematical Discourse Can Help Students Succeed

How Mathematical Discourse Can Help Students Succeed

Jun 25, 2024
A teacher with a group of seated students.

Recognizing that many students struggle when transitioning from middle school to high school math, Denver Public Schools (DPS) is partnering with REL Central to better understand why some student pathways are more likely to lead to 9th grade math success and what can be done to support student success. One factor DPS is exploring is the quality of mathematical discourse that students are exposed to in math classrooms. Discourse refers to the words, conversations, and verbal tools that classrooms have in place to support students' thinking about math, communication, and problem-solving in math classrooms. The quality of the language students listen to and engage in during math instruction has been associated with higher levels of student achievement.

Math isn't just about numbers; it's also about the understanding and use of a unique language. Developing students' mathematical language plays a crucial role in building students' math proficiency. Providing opportunities for all students to engage in productive mathematical discourse may be a powerful way to improve outcomes.

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