The BASIE (BAyeSian Interpretation of Estimates) Framework for Interpreting Findings from Impact Evaluations

Jun 13, 2022 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
A person sitting at a table with three other people and pointing to a laptop computer.

In this webinar, Mathematica's John Deke and Mariel Finucane laid out a Bayesian framework for interpreting impact estimates without the pitfalls of relying only on p-values. This framework enables researchers to calculate the probability an intervention had a meaningful effect, given the impact estimate and prior evidence on similar interventions. The webinar explained key concepts and introduced a convenient, easy-to-use Excel tool for applying this framework. With these concepts and tools, researchers can extract more accurate and interpretable lessons from impact findings to support informed decisions about educational interventions. Read more about Mathematica’s work in Bayesian methods. The webinar draws on this guide for researchers.

This webinar was part of a series, sponsored by the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness and the Institute of Education Sciences, to provide practical guidance on implementing the Standards for Excellence in Education Research.