Mathematica and NewWave Partner to Transform New Jersey’s Medicaid Data Quality

Mathematica and NewWave Partner to Transform New Jersey’s Medicaid Data Quality

Aug 22, 2023

Mathematica, the national Medicaid expert and insight partner to public and private-sector changemakers, together with NewWave, a full-service information technology (IT), business services, and data management company, partnered with the New Jersey Department of Health to implement Imersis, the companies’ cloud-based data quality tool.

In alignment with their work with the Maryland Department of Health, NewWave and Mathematica engaged with Gainwell Technologies to use Imersis to help the New Jersey Department of Health identify and resolve Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) data quality issues.

“Imersis assisted our team not only by addressing the data quality issues in the T-MSIS reporting, but also improving our entire T-MSIS process,” said Herminio S. Navia Jr., program director for Medicaid Enterprise Systems at the New Jersey Department of Health. "We viewed each month’s data quality score in advance in order to prepare an action plan for data quality concerns. Perhaps most importantly, the Imersis application became instrumental in New Jersey’s compliance with T-MSIS reporting, and will support future Advance Planning Documents submission and Streamline Certification efforts.”

Built on cloud-first architecture, Imersis is a leading-edge software-as-a-service that scores T-MSIS data files against similar data quality measures as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Imersis decomposes T-MSIS Top Priority Items into data quality measures and allows users to pinpoint specific issues, root out the sources of bad data, and remediate data quality concerns before submitting data files to CMS. NewWave and Mathematica, drawing on their combined extensive experience working with CMS and their deep knowledge of Medicaid data, were uniquely suited to partner with the New Jersey Department of Health to improve the quality of their Medicaid data.

“Improving T-MSIS data quality through Imersis is just the first step in a journey all state Medicaid programs have begun to conduct advanced analytics and reporting in which they can have confidence,” said Paul Messino, state Medicaid director, principal researcher, and head of Mathematica’s Imersis engagements. “Our successful implementation in New Jersey shows how Imersis can identify problems in Medicaid data faster and more efficiently than the current labor-intensive process, resulting in a cost-effective way to achieve better data quality.”

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