Mathematica Assists with CMS's Medicaid & CHIP Scorecard

Mathematica Assists with CMS's Medicaid & CHIP Scorecard

Jun 26, 2018

CMS Scorecard

Mathematica’s health experts assisted the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in creating the newly released Medicaid & Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Scorecard.

Mathematica supported the Agency’s initiative by providing subject matter, technical, and data visualization expertise to help CMS consider different ways of assessing federal and state accountability for Medicaid and CHIP, which together serve more than 75 million people.

The Medicaid & CHIP Scorecard initiative aims to increase public transparency about how these important programs operate and what outcomes they have. The Scorecard reports both state and federal measures in the areas of (1) state health system performance, (2) state administrative accountability, and (3) federal administrative accountability.

Several Mathematica projects with CMS contributed to the creation of the Scorecard, including projects to develop an infrastructure for robust analytics to support data-driven decisions on Medicaid and CHIP policy and programs, deliver technical assistance on the Medicaid & CHIP Core Set measures, and enhance monitoring and evaluation of state Medicaid demonstrations.

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