Partnering to create a COVID-19 Research Database and Advanced Data Analysis Platform

2022 - Present

Project Overview


In 2022, HTG partnered with Mathematica and Datavant to launch the nation’s largest COVID-19 research database. By increasing the availability and access to a wide range of data, public and private health and health policy researchers may better investigate COVID-19, and it’s impact on populations with chronic health conditions or co-morbities that put them at higher risk of long COVID complications. 

Project Motivation

Understanding the causes, movement, and outcomes associated with COVID-19 are the key to preventing the next pandemic.  Delving into both its short and long term public health impacts positions policy researchers and policy makers to devise strategies, policies, and programs that directly address these challenges.

In addition to their experience engaging researchers, providing technical assistance, and preparting data for analysis, Mathematica enriches the partnership by providing its depth of experience in exploring complex questions using sophisticated analytic methods.
Partners in Progress

  • HHS Technology Group (HTG)
  • Datavant

Prepared For

HHS Tech Group

Preventing the next pandemic by examining the latest one.

Mathematica’s contributions to this effort include:

  • Data Management and Governance – managing and maintaining data inventory, quality, and availability 
  • Technical Assistance – providing user account management support, onboarding, and troubleshooting to the user community
  • Expert Guidance – providing expert advice and guidance on data set content and usage, and potential analytic approaches
  • User Experience – updating the website, processes, and forms to streamline the user experience making it easier for researchers to engage with the platform
  • Project Management – providing project management and oversight to the project, enabling new feature development and operations

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Andrew Hurwitz

Andrew Hurwitz

Executive Director

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