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Teach For All is a global network of 44 independent and locally led and funded educational organizations. It works to address educational inequity by developing new leaders committed to changing the systems in their countries that prevent some students from receiving the education, support, and opportunity they deserve.

Mathematica collaborated with Teach For All to develop a research and evaluation (R&E) guide with the goal of helping Teach For All partner organizations develop, implement, and promote their R&E systems. The guide provides concrete assistance on “right-fit” monitoring and evaluation systems for partners. These are tailored approaches to R&E that focus resources where they have the highest learning benefits for the organization.

The guide covers topics such as program logic, research strategy, data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, internal and external program research, and dissemination of results. It also includes a literature review of educational interventions relevant to Teach For All’s theory of change, case studies and examples from across the Teach For All network, and a repository of easily accessible and practical monitoring, evaluation, and learning resources. The guide will be published freely for use within and outside the Teach For All network.

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