Implementing Ecree in the Classroom

Implementing Ecree in the Classroom

Published: Jul 28, 2023
Publisher: Mathematica
Key Findings
  • Teachers need tailored technical support and time to understand how to use Ecree and integrate it with their instruction.
  • Students need clear guidance and instruction so they are not overwhelmed by Ecree’s feedback. Ecree may also be most useful for advanced writers.
  • Technical integration with learning management systems and other technology tools that teachers already use can make it easier for them to integrate Ecree with their instruction.
  • Teachers find Ecree’s feedback less useful when it does not align with their typical content sequence and grading standards.

This brief aims to help middle and high school leaders and teachers understand what helps and hinders the use of automated writing feedback tools in the classroom. Curriculum developers might also generate ideas for integrating these tools into their curricula. The brief summarizes key implementation takeaways from a study of Ecree in grade 8–11 English language arts classrooms during the 2021–2022 school year and provides strategies for school and district leaders to support using Ecree.

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