Andrea Wysocki

Andrea Wysocki

Senior Researcher
  • Quantitative studies
  • Post-acute care
Focus Areas
  • Health
  • Long-Term Services and Supports
  • Medicaid and CHIP
  • Medicare
About Andrea

Andrea Wysocki has expertise in quantitative analyses focusing on health service use and outcomes for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Wysocki’s research centers on analyzing utilization and outcomes for institutional and community-based Medicare and Medicaid recipients using claims and assessment data. Current projects include quality measure development for Medicaid beneficiaries receiving community-based long-term services and supports, as well as an evaluation of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration program on transitions and post-transition outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries moving from institutions to the community. She is also part of the team evaluating the impact of the Health Care Innovation Award Primary Care Redesign programs on quality of care and costs for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Before joining Mathematica in 2014, Wysocki was a post-doctoral researcher at Brown University’s Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research, where she participated in research projects focused on home health, post-acute care, and long-term services and supports across the Veteran’s Health Administration and Medicare and Medicaid programs. Wysocki holds an M.P.P from the Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in health services research from the University of Minnesota.

Key Projects
  • HCIA Evaluations: Primary Care Redesign

    Mathematica evaluated the 14 primary care redesign programs, which operate at different levels (that is, physician practices, hospitals, or health systems). The evaluation team assessed improvements in the coordination, efficiency, and quality of patient care.

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