Anna Hill

Anna Hill

Senior Researcher
  • Program evaluation
  • Health policy
  • Quality measurement
  • Medical claims databases
  • National health survey data
  • Research design
Focus Areas
  • Health
  • Disability
  • Employment and Income Support
  • Population Health
  • Human Services
About Anna

Anna Hill’s work focuses on health policy, disability, and healthcare quality. She has expertise in quasi-experimental study design and in the development and testing of health care quality measures.

Since joining Mathematica in 2014, Hill has worked on several policy evaluations and three ongoing quality-measurement projects. She is currently the research task lead on an evaluation of the impact of taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She is also co-author of papers on the impact of funding increases on vocational rehabilitation outcomes, the relationship between Medicaid expansion and coverage among workers with disabilities, and trends in functioning in the US population. She has led quantitative testing of electronic clinical quality measures and has been a measure lead for a claims-based quality measure.

Hill is a member of the American Society of Health Economists and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. She holds a Ph.D. in policy analysis and management from Cornell University.

Key Projects