Early Childhood Systems

We are conducting studies to help states and communities bridge the gaps that exist in the fragmented array of services available to support families raising young children. Our evaluation of the Regional Partnership Grants (RPG) program is examining supports available to increase the well-being of children who are in, or at risk of, out-of-home placements as a result of a parent or caretaker’s substance abuse. We are also evaluating the effects of home visiting programs in improving birth outcomes for women who are enrolled in Medicaid and are at high risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, as well as in reducing child maltreatment and achieving other family and child outcomes. And we have been at the forefront in helping researchers and policymakers understand how Head Start programs operate, and how they can better serve parents and children. We are launching a new ACF-funded study of partnerships between Early Head Start programs and community-based child care providers, seeking to improve the quality of services for infants and toddlers.

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