Guiding Policymakers in Selecting and Testing Employment Interventions

New resources and blog post navigate interventions for youth receiving Supplemental Security Income.

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Developing and Testing Innovations—and Making Them Stick

Using research and building evidence to progress on state programs.

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A successful career and the financial stability that comes with it are central to the American dream. But not everyone in or entering the workforce has the education and training necessary to achieve their goals. The barriers to employment are particularly acute for young people in poverty; low-income adults; ex-offenders; veterans, their spouses, and spouses of service members; older workers; persons with disabilities; and laid-off workers in declining industries. Mathematica analyzes programs and policies intended to help these individuals succeed in the labor market, and we help government agencies and nonprofit organizations provide education, training, and employment services more effectively and efficiently.

Our Featured Work
  • father with young son
    Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration (CSPED)

    The National Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration is testing the effectiveness of programs that aim to increase employment among noncustodial parents, with the ultimate goal of increasing the likelihood that they meet their child support obligations.

  • Evaluation of the Pathways to Careers Program

    The SourceAmerica® Pathways to Careers™ program helps individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities or a primary diagnosis of autism obtain competitive integrated employment aligned with their skills, interests, strengths, and abilities. Mathematica is conducting an evaluation of Pathways.

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