Evaluation of Minority-Serving Institutions Models of Success Program

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Lumina Foundation for Education Inc

Mathematica conducted the external evaluation of the Lumina Foundation for Education Minority-Serving Institutions Models of Success Program (MSI-MS). Launched in 2009, this initiative is designed to strengthen the influence of MSIs in higher education.

Lumina partnered with 26 institutions to fund eight projects—most of them collaborations between MSIs—in the hopes that institutions would (1) share their knowledge and experience in educating disadvantaged minority students and (2) exercise national leadership resulting in improved outcomes for these students throughout the nation. As described by Lumina, the MSI-MS Program “will amplify the collective voice and national leadership of MSIs . . . to improve institutional practice and develop policy to more effectively educate all students of color.”

The evaluation contained process and summative components. The process component relied on a yearly review of project documents and interviews to identify the characteristics of projects, assess progress in implementation, and isolate factors that promoted or hindered implementation. The summative component assessed outcomes associated with the MSI-MS program.

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