Independent Evaluation of the MCC Kosovo Threshold Transparent and Accountable Governance (TAG) Project


Project Overview


To assess the availability of judicial, environmental, and labor force data and its use by civil society, business, and the government to promote data-driven decision-making.

Project Motivation

Insufficient public trust in government and opaque decision-making are significant constraints to Kosovo’s economic development. In this mixed methods performance evaluation, MCC and MFK call on Mathematica’s experience and expertise in governance initiatives to understand the results of open data initiatives aimed to increase government transparency.

Partners in Progress
  • Millennium Foundation Kosovo 
  • WI-HER
  • Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Kosovo Judicial Council
Prepared For

Millennium Challenge Corporation

Mathematica is supporting the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Kosovo Threshold Program in evaluating the effects that transparency and open data initiatives have on trust in Kosovo’s government and relations between the government and civil society.

Mathematica’s evaluation covers one of the two projects included in MCC’s Kosovo Threshold Program, the Transparent and Accountable Governance Project (TAG). TAG comprises three activities designed to increase data accessibility for the general public and promote data-driven decision-making. Mathematica is performing a mixed-methods evaluation to determine how project activities contributed to changes in public perceptions of government’s functions and affected how civil society and the government engage each other.

The TAG project comprises three activities:

  • Public Access to Judicial Information (PAJI) activity, to support the Government of Kosovo by increasing the accessibility and public use of judicial data
  • Environmental Data Collection (EDC) activity, which will improve the availability of real-time and forecast air quality data  
  • Kosovo Open Data Challenge (KODC) activity, which develops open data innovations in the private sector, spurring partnerships between the government and civil society in the use and analysis of judicial, environmental, labor, and energy data. 

Related Staff

Anthony D'Agostino

Anthony D'Agostino

Senior Researcher

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Josh Meuth Alldredge

Josh Meuth Alldredge


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Matt Sloan

Matt Sloan

Senior Director, International Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations

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Ksenia Miliutinskaia

Ksenia Miliutinskaia

Program Manager

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